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End Of The Line For Haye?

Poor show in Hamburg has people questioning Haye's future

Posted Jul 05, 2011 by Chris White

Haye blamed the defeat partially on a broken toe suffered in training

Like the weather in Hamburg on Saturday night, David Haye’s performance against Wladimir Klitschko was a wet, miserable affair, as two years of running the mouth backfired on the Englishman, as Klitschko won a unanimous points decision.

Haye, having spent two years telling us all how good he is, never showed any of his promised maulings or attacks on the Ukrainian, who has now unified the heavyweight division, while Haye is now looking all washed up and set for retirement with nothing to bring home other than his next excuse to the media about why he lost the fight.

Just like his fight against Audley Harrison, which was more like a playground scrap than a boxing match, Haye has left his fans let down, and there aren’t all that many of them to let down! Having wound up a lot of the nation, other than the ‘support your man’ fans and the die-hard Haye supporters, David Haye was a farce of a world heavyweight champion in this fight.

Unable to land his right-handers effectively due to a broken toe suffered in training, according to Haye obviously, the fight that has dominated our televisions and newspapers in recent weeks was an absolute waste of time, and money for those who paid to have it beamed into their living rooms on Saturday night. Fans would’ve been better off going into town and watching two drunks have a fight in the street. They would have got more for their money put it that way!

So where does Haye go from here? Well, he’s got two choices as far as I can see. Retire, as was his plan prior to the Klitschko fight, going out at the top with all of the heavyweight division titles, or take on Wladimir’s brother, Vitali, who has also said he wants a crack at Haye.

Should he take on Vitali, Haye has a lot of work to do. His last two fights, against Harrison and Klitschko, have left a lot to be desired. They have promised so much, well, Haye has, but have left the majority of fans disappointed. David Haye is a prime example of all talk no action. Some of the things he has promised, and I include the infamous gang rape quote prior to the Harrison fight in this, have been extreme. Yet come fight night, he has struggled to actually land a punch.

My advice to David Haye – put up or shut up, and he is showing no signs in recent fights of putting up, so get set for a life in the armchair with the slippers on and daytime television Mr Haye, your retirement’s calling you.

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