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Heartache for Martin on Return

Defeat on comeback for Christy

Posted Jun 09, 2011 by Chris White

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A little over six months ago, Christy Martin was in hospital fighting for her life. This weekend, she made her comeback to professional boxing on the undercard of the Chavez-Zbik fight at the Staple Centre in Los Angeles.

Martin was brutally attacked by her husband, after telling him that she was leaving to be with a woman. Her husband proceeded to viciously beat her, before stabbing and shooting her in the chest. Martin was shot with her own gun after being stabbed several times.

She said, “I think he was just waiting to see if I was going to die. He came back in, stood at my feet, pointed the gun at me and shot me. Luckily it missed my heart by four inches, but the crazy thing is that the bullet went through the same hole as the stab wound in my breast.”

Aside from the stab wounds in her side and chest, her calf muscle had almost been cut off completely, making her ring return that much more astounding. After all that, she managed to get back to full health and fitness to take on Dakota Stone on Saturday night.

Both women traded some big blows, and Martin was ahead on all three judges’ scorecards, having had Stone on the canvas in the fourth round, when in the sixth she reacted badly after landing another right-hander.

Martin had injured the same hand in the fourth round, and the ringside physician stopped the match in the sixth after she indicated that she was in tremendous pain. It turned out that Martin’s right hand was broken. A huge blow to someone who fought for her life through much more severe injuries, and to be robbed of a victory through a broken hand is very cruel.

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