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Mayweather Run Continues With Controversial Win

42 unbeaten for Money

Posted Sep 20, 2011 by Chris White

Mayweather won in controversial fashion against Ortiz

In a controversial encounter at the MGM Grand on Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather claimed the WBC welterweight title with a fourth round knockout to extend his unbeaten run to a staggering 42 fights. Mayweather knocked the current champion Victor Ortiz to the canvas with two devastating blows while Ortiz was seemingly trying to apologise for landing a head-butt on his opponent moments earlier.

In what had been a relatively quiet fight compared to it’s media billing, the fight burst into life as Ortiz had his opponent against the ropes for a third time in just four rounds, only to be penalised by the referee for use of the head. Rather than protecting himself – which commentators said during the fight, “he must do at all times” – Ortiz went to apologise to Mayweather, who landed the devastating blows to end the fight.

However, Ortiz claimed he was struck by the blows before the referee had called for the fighters to resume after the head-butt, telling the media afterwards that he was “blindsided” and “obeyed the referee” only to be hit by Mayweather as he did so.

While the claims from Ortiz are warranted, the referee did not appear to call for the fight to resume; the boxing ring is no place to be hugging your opponent. You’re in there to fight, and the commentators and Mayweather are right, you should defend yourself at all times. It was a rather “schoolboy” error from Ortiz, but Mayweather’s shots were unexpected if his opponent had indeed been told to wait by the referee. Whichever side of the fence you fall on with this argument, you can’t deny – they were two stunning blows from Mayweather.

Some sections of the media believed that Mayweather’s latest comeback fight, the first time he had entered a ring in 16 months, was a tune-up for a fight with Manny Pacquiao before an agreement is signed for a bout to take place in 2012, while others believe it will be British boxer Amir Khan that takes on Mayweather in his first fight at welterweight level.

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