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Pacquiao And Mosley Fight Not Exactly A Knock Out

$55 for a fight worth $5.50

Posted May 10, 2011 by Chris White

This weekend's WBO Welterweight title bout between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley has received intense criticism from the media and boxing fans for being a complete mismatch.

38-year old Mosley looked a shadow of his former self, and was beaten on a unanimous points decision by his 32-year old opponent, prompting calls for Mosley to retire before tarnishing his record any further.

Title-holder Pacquiao knocked Mosley down in the third round, and Mosley was judged to have knocked the Filipino down in the tenth, despite television pictures showing that it was a push and not a knock down.

But it was the fight itself, or lack of, that was the biggest issue. Fans were booing throughout the fight, starting in the fourth round, at what was a boring contest between an obviously too old Mosley and the consequently too good Pacquiao.

So what was in the fight forthe pair? It certainly didn't seem like even they knew! As always, there was the pre-match banter between the two, coming mostly from Mosley's corner I might add, while Pacquiao claims that he always gives the fans the fight they want. Well they certainly didn't want this. There would have been more of a contest outside a nightclub in a busy city centre this weekend than at the MGM Grand.

What is more unbelievable is that the next fight lined up for Pacquiao is against another 38-year old in Juan Manuel Marquez - who would have to move up from lightweight to welterweight to make this match happen, giving Pacquiao more of an advantage.

Mosley's last three fights, against Floyd Mayweather Jr, Sergio Mora and now Pacquiao haven't been contests. Mosley is in danger of spoiling the boxing memories the fans have of him by taking on younger, more agile fighters because he just isn't what he was.

Why Mosley would even take on Pacquiao, known throughout the boxing world as the best pound-for-poundfighter around, is beyond me. The only time the crowd got remotely excited wasthe final two rounds when Pacquiao finally decided to go for the knock out.

The American pay-per-view audiences were charged $55 to watch the two move about the ring with no real purpose and both should think twice about their next opponent in terms of the quality of the fight if they do really give the fans the fight they want.

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