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Warren And DeGale Push For Groves Rematch

Groves "should be ashamed" of win, claims promoter

Posted May 24, 2011 by Chris White

Groves won a points decision at the O2

Having lost his British super-middleweight title to George Groves, Olympic champion James DeGale and his promoter Frank Warren immediately called for the powers that be to order a rematch.

Groves won the fight at the O2 Arena on Saturday night by a close points decision, so surely that’s it. Groves won the fight and DeGale lost the fight. Move on. Promoter Frank Warren on the other hand has said that Groves “should be ashamed of that victory.” Why, because DeGale wasn’t good enough? Don’t make me laugh.

Another of Warren’s laughable statements was “I haven’t found one person who thought George won that fight.” I can Frank, two of the three judges – the only people that matter! With any points decision, there’s going to be one winner and one loser, and both will think they’ve won the fight. Stop feeling hard done by and just accept that the judges awarded the fight to Groves.

The rivalry between DeGale and Groves goes back to their amateur days where they used to train in the same gym. Groves beat DeGale in a competitive fight back then, before DeGale was selected to represent Great Britain in the Olympics.

Clearly, someone up high favours DeGale over the new British super-middleweight champion, especially if a rematch is granted. Groves said straight after the fight that he now wants to move onwards and upwards, as he has no one left to beat in Britain. So why punish him for winning the fight and make him hang around, potentially only to beat DeGale again next time? If the British Boxing Board of Control has any sense, they’ll throw out Frank Warren’s calls and tell both fighters to get on with their respective careers.

This wasn’t one of the best fights you’ll have ever watched, but Groves got the job done. He got his punches in and he kept his defence. DeGale, on the other hand, got a few punches in late in the fight, causing a cut to Groves’ forehead, but seemed content that if he stayed on his feet he would win the fight. Yes, he didn’t have to knock Groves out to retain his title, just avoid defeat, but at least show that you’re worthy of having it in the first place. DeGale didn’t do that. Groves went into the ring with a game plan and stuck to it.  He didn’t exactly go to town with the punches or have DeGale on the ropes at any stage. He did enough though. That’s what the judges thought, and that’s all that matters with a points decision.

If Groves were to turn down the opportunity of a rematch, I don’t think many people would criticize him. He’s now beaten DeGale twice out of two fights, one as a professional and one as an amateur. This shows that only one of them is progressing, so don’t hold him back. Let him take on new opponents and show how far he can go. Then once DeGale catches up with Groves on the ladder, propose a rematch then.

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