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Haye and Harrison set to make a fortune

Posted Nov 12, 2010 by Jeff Dawson

David Haye

Many people have questioned the integrity of this weekend’s big fight as David Haye puts his WBA World Championship on the line against fellow Brit Audley Harrison. People have rightly asked why Haye, a world class fighter, would get in a ring with the former Olympic champion who has lost four times – to relative nobodies – in his professional career.
And it is quite simple. The interest this fight has generated and the money it will make by packing out a 20,000 seated arena and sales through Sky’s pay-per-view will give both fighters a nice windfall come the end of the fight whether that be in the first round or the 12th.
The public sometimes forget why boxers do what they do. Many do it to win titles but all do it to make money. It’s simple really. If they can enjoy a huge payday and get out of it relatively unscathed then they are setting themselves up for an easy life once they retire. They put their lives on the line to make a lot of money and that’s something that we all need to respect them for.
And that’s why Haye took this fight. He could have fought anyone in the world, he could have fought one of the Klitschko brothers but would they have paid him as big as this fight? I doubt it very much.
Haye knows that he doesn’t appeal to everyone. A lot of people feel he is a cocky git and there are others who wanted him to fight one of the Klitschkos – but he insists the brothers are to blame for that fight not happening. And despite all this negativity surrounding him, a negativity that has seen support shift in Harrison’s favour for this fight, Haye has been clever and savvy enough to make a fortune from it.
And he realises all of this, saying: “It (the Harrison fight) won’t do anything for my credibility but it will bring a lot of people on board. I actually quite like it (the criticism from fans), it makes me laugh. I’d rather there are people out there who hate me than don’t care at all. If someone doesn’t care either way, they’re not going to watch you fight. People used to pay to see Chris Eubank lose and he was laughing all the way to the bank. Some people hate Audley and some people like him but people want to see him fight one way or the other. People will pay hard-earned money to see either one of us get a beating.”
And that is exactly true. I will be tuning in to see Harrison take a battering on Saturday evening. I think Haye is doing the right thing for himself, not necessarily for boxing but us British fight fans are eager to watch an all-British heavyweight bout that has something worthwhile on the line. It has been too long.

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