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Hatton Shouldn't Be Let Off

Posted Oct 29, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

Hatton should be charged if guilty

I’m sure that everyone who’s British remembers the scandal in British politics regarding MPs using their expense accounts to file for huge amounts of fraudulent activities.  ‘It’s not right’ the British public thought, ‘it’s one rule for them and another for us.’  Well, that argument unfortunately now has to be made about Ricky Hatton.  Legendary boxer though he was, Hatton has now been cleared of any criminal activity despite it being very obvious that he has been abusing drugs, and there having been evidence of this.

Hatton is without doubt a British hero, but is there really any justice in the fact that he has been essentially cleared of all charges despite there being strong evidence to the contrary?  Hatton has openly admitted to alcohol abuse and depression in public, and has been checked into the Priory to combat these addictions.

Whilst I’m not opposed to the idea of tolerance and compassion in this situation, is anyone really going to sit there and tell me that had this been anyone in the UK who was not a professional sportsman that they wouldn’t have been hauled up in court and given a jail sentence?  

As for Hatton’s excuses that the had ‘no idea’ what the white powder had been because he was in such a state, surely that is enough probable cause for an arrest?  I’m not in favour of just throwing people in jail for no reason, but this investigation should not be shut, because the man is clearly guilty.

Being an athlete should not put anyone above the law, national hero or not.

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