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Is this boxing's last chance saloon?

We figure out just why the sport has lost some of its panache

Posted Mar 10, 2011 by Shaun Edwards

David Haye

The BBC’s Ben Dirs recently labelled boxing as a sport, the kid that every classroom has; super intelligent but they will insist on mucking around.

Dirs says boxing is capable of some of the finest displays of technical prowess and bravery and much like that metaphorical child, every once in a while in what is a vast ocean of shortfalls a truly world-class piece of work is produced. The Hayemaker v Klitschko bout is one of those moments.

Drawn out negotiations have come to a close with a fight agreed for either 25th June or 2nd July. David Haye the IBF champion had agreed to fight WBO champion Wladimir Klitschko although earlier this week there was confirmation that although Haye would still be fighting a Klitschko it might be the other brother Vitali that he would face.

Vitali is the WBC champion and would stand in for his brother if the abdominal injury that Wladimir has sustained. Bernd Boente who manages the Klitschko brothers doesn’t seem concerned which of the two end up fighting the Hayemaker, describing the situation as a win-win in terms of revenue – a crude way to assess the fight and probably one reason why many castigate the world of modern boxing as being overly commercialised.

Boente commented that unusually the contract that has been signed doesn’t state which of the Klitschko brothers David Haye will be meeting. Boente said that the fight will more than likely take place in Germany although this isn’t a certainty but the fight would not be taking place in either the UK or the US which obviously rules out the Hayemaker home crowd.

Judging from Boente’s comments I would say it is still more than likely that it will be a fight against Wladimir that is on the cards because he is fighting fit so I see no reason why he would have to be replaced by his brother and more importantly if Vitali is to replace Wladimir then it would be contingent on him beating Odlanier Solis on 19th March.

We still can’t say for certain if this fight is going to go ahead, Haye has already seen a number of fights against both the Klitschko brothers agreed and fall through but the final chance to make this fight happen is drawing close as the Hayemaker has already said that after 9 years as a pro he is keen to retire before his birthday in October.

I personally think this is last chance saloon for some boxing fans, the sport to some has certainly stagnated with a disappointing number of fights falling through because of administrative details somewhat tarnishing that aura of excitement around the sport. I know one thing though and that is that without a doubt this is the coup de grâce in the Haye v Klitschko saga – it’s now or never.

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