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Why Mayweather Is The Best

Posted Sep 28, 2010 by Shaun Edwards

The Best In The World

‘I respect what Sugar Ray and Mohammad Ali did for the sport, but I am the greatest, and this is my time.’

Fighting talk for anyone involved in boxing.  Stating that you’re a greater sportsman than Mohammad Ali is something that 99.99999999% of people would shrink away from doing.

But then 99.99999999% of people are not Floyd Mayweather Jr.  He is simply, pound-for-pound, the greatest boxer of the last twenty years.  Whether or not he was actually better than Ali is something that will be debated for years, but the simple fact is that Mayweather has one attribute that Ali does not: he is undefeated.  Not one person in his professional boxing career has been able to out-score Mayweather, let alone knock him out.

41 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws.  Mayweather is a phenomenon of boxing, with no obvious flaw in his game.  His ‘shoulder roll’ means that he seems to simply brush off attacks from his opponents without any massive effort, in a fighting style that is has been considered almost an art form.  He punches with an extra-ordinary amount of power for someone of his smaller size, and his speed of motion is staggering.

As for that most important thing to any fighter, the titles, Mayweather has held more or less every belt possible for his weight-class, becoming a world champion in the super featherweight, lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight and super welterweight divisions.  Every title that he obtained, he relinquished of his own free will, no-one in the respective divisions able to take the belts from him.

Aside from the straps, Mayweather has also earned so much recognition that he has gone beyond being a boxer and has become a genuine worldwide superstar.  He is a recipient of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Award, as well as winning both The Ring magazines fighter of the year and ESPY’s Best Fighter award multiple times.

As a man who’s only fought twice in the past two years, we can assume that Mayweather will once again be found content in his retirement, maybe being pulled back into the limelight every now and then as long as the fight interests him and the money is good.

Until that time, we can simply remember Mayweather for who he is: cocky, arrogant, and possibly the greatest boxer of all time.

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