Boxing Surgery Drill

Moving Around

Moving around in the ring with ease and stability is vital. Use this basic boxing footwork drill to keep your stance where it should be. Boxers stand sideways to offer up less of the body with which to get hit. To move forward, backward, to the right, or to the left, you must do so quickly while keeping your stance. If your feet are together or crossed at any given moment you will be off balance.

Get into your fighting stance with feet shoulder width apart and hands up. Start some footwork. Stay on the balls of your feet and begin bouncing out and in. Widen your stance on the out and go back to shoulder width apart coming in. Keep this pace. To move forward bring your front foot forward a small step and your back foot should follow. It is basically a shuffle. Both feet remain the same distance apart no matter where you are moving. Reverse it to move backwards.

To move to the right (if your left foot is forward), move your right foot first and then your left. To move to the left move your left foot first and then your right. Reverse this if your right foot is forward. Practice this on a regular basis to get fast.

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