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A friendly family orientated Academy, dedicated to providing top class & Authentic ITF Taekwon-Do as created by our founder Grand Master Choi Hong Hi 9th Degree Blackbelt, 1918-2002.

Taekwon-Do is the original & complete martial art from Korea, when translated means the way of the foot and hand. Tae means to smash with the feet; kwon means to strike or smash with the hand; and do means way or art.

At Saltire, we strive to inspire each and every student to strengthen their mind, body and spirit through our invigorating and enjoyable age specific training programmes... Ninja Kidz (4-6yrs), Dragon Warriors (7-9yrs), Juniors (10-12yrs), Youths/Adults (13+), Familes & Korean Kickboxing.

While there are many martial arts Instructors that will happily give belt promotions to appease and retain students. We do not follow this philosophy as it does not build self-esteem and only serves in the student developing a false sense of security concerning their ability to defend themselves.
We work together to provide: Individual attention through understanding our students' needs and encouraging them to attain their personal best, in a curriculum rich in tradition and enhanced by modern life application. It emphasizes physical skills and development of individual characters to provide life-long benifits.

The Schools moto "A place to challenge yourself" is taken from the literal translation of the Korean word for school which is "Kwan". Our goal is that each student challenge themselves both physically and mentally.
To challenge yourself leads to growth, confidence, strength and discovery.

As part of sport TaeKwon -Do & Kickboxing, Saltire have produced many students who are competing at all levels in National and International competitions representing both Scotland & Britain. For photo's of some of our students in action click here.

A black belt is not something you wear , A black belt is something you become!!

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